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Why One CBDâ„¢?

• CBD is an emerging health product derived from a cannabis compound, that is gaining unprecedented rapid mainstream consumer adoption.

• Why One CBD™? Quality will win consumers – our product is whole plant, organically produced, THC-free, designed and produced by the industry’s top scientists and laboratories.

• The CBD market is expected to see exponential growth over the next 5-10 years with a forecast of $16 billion by 2025.

• A strong leadership team with a track record of success in healthcare.

• One of the only CBD brands that is focused on the healthcare market in addition to the direct-to-consumer market.

• 1% of revenue is returned to local DFW charities with a focus on important causes affecting all of us, such as addiction prevention and treatment.

CBD products giving you all the plant’s nutrient benefits for your body.

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The Market

Appealing to a varied demographic

CBD is one of the fastest growing products in the estimated nearly $200 billion global health supplement industry by 2025. In the US, the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp-produced CBD from the controlled substances list creating opportunity for a whole generation of new health products, creating an opportunity for One CBDâ„¢.

According to Forbes, New York-based investment bank Cowen & Co. estimates that annual sales of CBD can reach up to $16 billion by 2025.


CBD is for everyone – it can improve health and wellness in a variety of ways. CBD is a natural supplement to the endocannabinoid system found in all humans and vertebrate animals. Importantly, One CBD™ is 100% THC free, meaning it does not contain any psychoactive properties (no “high” feeling).

Initial marketing will target men and women aged 25-55 with interests in health and wellness, dietary supplements, environmental issues, and organics. Marketing will expand quickly to connect with a more diverse range of consumer interests.

What We Do

Working at the highest quality

We ensure that our product is the highest quality product on the market today.  Our CBD products are produced by industry pioneering scientists in one of the world’s most sophisticated CBD laboratories delivering a consistent, premium product.

We ensure full compliance with each new regulation. Additionally, we will employ third-party testing for concentration levels, pesticides, heavy metals, terpene profiles, and residual solvents. Additionally, these results will be available for customers on our site by entering in their product and batch numbers allowing customers to feel confident in the quality and safety of our products.  Our products contain 0.000% THC, are broad-spectrum, and are produced from organically grown hemp.

Our initial product line consists of great tasting oil-based drops of varying CBD concentrations and flavors, softgels, topical products, and a line of pet products.   One CBD™ will soon add a skincare line, sports line and an intimacy line.

What makes One CBD products superior in the market?

Liquid Chromatography Vs. Distillation

When it comes to CBD, chemistry is everything. Many CBD products on the market are produced from distillate, the powdered form of CBD created through a distillation process. This is then marketed as pure and THC-free CBD. However, it is not pure, there are unintended isomers and degradation compounds created during the distillation process, and worse yet, residual solvents from the clarifying agents used to wash the finished distillate salt.

While producing a cheap and easy to ship product, the effects of these unnatural byproducts of the distillation process on humans and animals are currently unknown and the amount of residual toxins from chemical clarifying agents is untested and varies from batch to batch.

All One CBDâ„¢ products are processed through liquid chromatography. A process of binding to and removing THC which leaves an intact liquid extract full of only CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids. We believe this produces a superior and safer extract full of everything you want and nothing you don’t.

A multi-pronged approach

We are utilizing three sales channels to drive steady growth.

- Direct to consumer retail via online sales. This includes a discounted monthly subscription plan. Currently, online sales makeup over 60% of all CBD sales according to Hemp Business Journal’s 2018 market report.

- Wholesale direct to retail establishments through our inside sales team and contracted outside sales team.  With a primary focus on the healthcare market.

– Distribution network. We will utilize distributors to include One CBDâ„¢ products in their offerings to their network of retail clients.  This includes both domestic and international distributors such as those based in the UK and Israel that we are currently in coversations with.

– Private Label Service. We will be launching RebBud Biosciences, our private label division in Q2, 2020 where we will offer private label services to customer’s interested in launching their own CBD brands.  All existing products will be available for private label for qualified customers.

Our various approaches are proven and will help us accrue the revenue needed to continue to expand and reach increasingly larger corners of the market.

Emerging as a leader in the field

One CBD™ is the only CBD company in the United States that is ran by a former hospital CEO that intimately understands the healthcare market. 

One CBD will be a leading brand in the CBD market. Â Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and education will help One CBD become one of the most trusted brands in America.

It is important to us to educate people as well as market to them about the effects and best practices of CBD. We want the name One CBDâ„¢ to be synonymous with trust and quality. One CBDâ„¢ will have a reputation of integrity and transparency and known for being discerning in the products we choose to release.

On track for success

One CBD™ has already raised over $300k.  With Ty’s almost 20 years working in healthcare in both business development and as a turnaround CEO, One CBD™ will have a leg up over competitors for getting product into the market quickly.

How We Are Different

Superior quality, education, and innovation

While there are competitors (Chartlotte’s Web, Endoca, Anand) that sell CBD products derived from industrial hemp, One CBD™ sets itself apart in a big way.

One CBDâ„¢ competitive advantages will leverage the following strategies:

  • Highest quality product
  • 3rd party testing of products to guarantee consistency
  • Clinical Education
  • Innovative new products
  • Utilizing pre-existing relationships in the healthcare space
  • Data driven marketing including the utilization of artificial intelligence for market insights
  • Customer Experience for both end-user, healthcare providers and B2B
  • One CBD’s giving back model and community engagement

A closer look at how One CBDâ„¢ will lead the way

Highest quality product: As previously discussed, One CBD’s products are all 100% whole plant, THC free, and produced from organically grown hemp.  Additionally, the THC is removed through liquid chromatography which results in a product which contains only CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids. This process produces a THC free product but still allows the additional cannabinoids to remain and work synergistically together for a more effective result. The effectiveness of the multiple cannabinoids working together has been named the Entourage Effect by researches and is well documented.

3rd party testing of products to guarantee consistency and quality:  We believe mislabeling and toxic residual solvents are the elephants in the room when looking at the CBD industry. This recent expose article titled  “A California company tested 20 popular CBD products and found ‘insanely high levels’ of dangerous chemicals and misleading labels” published in April 2019 by Business Insider clearly shows how prevalent these two issues are.

In this study only 15% of the products tested matched their labels for concentration of CBD and the testing laboratory CannaSafe’s CEO states “some of the products also contained dangerously high levels of solvents”.  Addressing these two major problems provides an opportunity for One CBD to shine by 3rd party testing all of our products before sale and publishing the results on our site.  This level of transparency will set One CBD apart and build brand loyalty and trust.

Education and content creation: One CBD will set itself apart through educational marketing by creating original quality content currently lacking in the market. This content will establish One CBD as a trusted consumer brand along with increasing SEO rankings and organic traffic to our site.  We believe good content marketing is the best long-term strategy and produces the highest ROI over time.

Innovative new products. We believe a company which does not innovate will be a company which does not last. As the CBD market matures, people will be looking for new and innovative products to try and use.  Proprietary lines of products will separate One CBD from its competitors and build brand loyalty by offering products unavailable anywhere else.  One CBD will work to develop additional proprietary product lines starting with skin care, sports and then intimacy.

Giving back model:  Giving back is near and dear to our hearts at One CBD. Every time you purchase one of our products, you do more than simply start to transform your own wellbeing. You begin to improve someone else’s way of life and that’s a wonderful feeling. One CBD donates 1% of every sale to organizations that support initiatives integral to our mission such as opioid addiction, holistic wellness and ecological sustainability.