ONLINE WORKSHOP: Learn the Secrets of Mindfulness and Meditation

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind free online workshop.Â

JUNE 24Â |Â 7:00PM CT

Join Vanessa Guild, Mindfulness Expert and Public Speaker and Ty Burgess, CEO of One CBD, for an educational workshop on the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation as it relates to reducing stress and anxiety and living a happier life.

Mindfulness Meditation


Did you know that 50% of adults suffer from insomnia, 80% of doctor’s visits are caused by stress? When the mind is in fight or flight mode cognitive thinking can be disrupted and cortisol levels are high, meditation allows for the mind-body to not only rest, however, to replenish. Mindfulness-meditation helps clarify goals, ability to hear intuition, improves sex life, listening skills, over all well-being and so much more. If you are seeking peace-of-mind, calm, more clarity, focus, and energy mindfulness-meditation is key.

Meditation is a widely used, researched, and science-backed practice, touted by some of the most successful people in the world. But, if it’s is so widespread and beneficial, why doesn’t everyone practice regularly? Many people do not practice meditation because they don’t fully understand the benefits and lack the tools, techniques, and guidance necessary to get the most out of it. They are unsure of how to practice and why. This is where our online meditation workshop comes into play.  This will be an inspiring and collaborative online workshop on the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.


This educational and interactive workshop will help you understand why there is so much excitement around meditation today. Renowned speaker, Vanessa Guild will walk you through what mindfulness is, how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety and how to use the power of your mind to live a happier healthier life.

  • Learn to de-stress, lessen anxiety, achieve overall well-being, and no longer taking things personally with effective mindfulness techniques.
  • Learn how to implement daily exercises and practical tools that will increase focus during these difficult times.
  • Learn mindfulness-meditation tools to increase productivity.
  • Learn how to decrease listening to negative stories in the mind,  eliminate what-if thinking, fear or too much future worry.
  • Learn how CBD and meditation go hand-in-hand

This workshop will help guide you on your journey to health and happiness.




Vanessa teaches tools and techniques which effectively lessen anxiety, and empowers the ability to focus and center the mind. She leads workshops within schools, corporate environments, women’s gatherings, rehab centers, established theaters and online workshops. She explains the science behind mindfulness/meditation practice and ensures all are equipped to practice on their own after her departure.

​Vanessa comes from a family of doctors and believes in “proven” scientific results; however, science does not ensure peace-of-mind. One can have all the knowledge in the world and still feel miserable. Mindfulness/ meditation training is key. Stopping the incessant thinking, fear and gripping anxiety is possible.

It is time to learn how.