A story of hope and healing

Our founder suffered from an array of conditions, including autoimmune disease, chronic pain and opioid dependence. At one point, Ty used up to 15 prescriptions daily, with physicians telling him to accept poor health as his new normal. There seemed to be no hope in sight, which led Ty to desperately start searching for a better way.

A healthcare executive with nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry, Ty was initially reluctant to try natural medicine. But, as the pain got worse, he put his skepticism aside and became open to an alternative way guided by modern-day practitioners and holistic treatments.

Research then led to results. And over time, Ty found his body beginning to recover. His autoimmune disease went into remission. His addictive prescriptions were no longer needed. And, in the process, a passion began to develop for natural and plant-based healing. One that was so strong, it compelled Ty to leave his traditional career in healthcare for something that felt in alignment with his life purpose.

And with that, One Biosciences was born.

ty burgess hospital ceo

From its very beginning, One Biosciences was meant to be more than a company. It was created to realize Ty’s vision of bringing hope to people around the world struggling with health issues. Born with the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to live their best life.


At One Biosciences, we believe we can bring tranquility to the world…and we hope that this can begin with you.

One Biosciences offers more than 14 different products, all of which are 100% organically farmed, GMO-free, THC-free, are sourced from our local farmers.


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