Professional-grade hemp products designed to bring your life naturally back into balance.

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Before we create a single product, we envision and evaluate the impact it will have on the individuals who use it, those who create it and the world in which we all live.
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At One Biosciences our hemp is grown on local farms committed to sustainable organic farming, totally free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
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Our multi-step purification process removes all THC and other nonessential compounds (wax, chlorophyll, plant pigments and more). Ensuring you enjoy the powerful benefits of hemp without worry.
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Every single batch of One Biosciences products is rigorously evaluated by independent, third-party labs for hemp potency and ensuring it is free from contaminants and toxins.
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Our Most Popular Professional-Grade Hemp Products


CBD 101: What Exactly is CBD?

First off, we know what you are thinking…. And NO, CBD will not get you “high” and YES, hemp CBD is legal. CBD is one of the most highly coveted components in hemp, a plant whose properties have been utilized for therapeutic purposes dating back thousands of years to the origins of Chinese medicine. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, a plant that has been used for centuries by many cultures to promote health and healing.

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Be Healthy. Be Vibrant. Be Whole.

Inspired by a blend of classic eastern philosophies and western wisdom, it’s our mission to light the way forward through new pathways in wellness with a premium selection of natural plant-based hemp solutions. Make your health a priority.


Show your best friend a little more love!

If you want your furry friend to enjoy the powerful properties of hemp oil, we have two flavors to choose from: bacon for dogs and salmon for cats. In addition to this, we have our veterinarian formulated, beef-flavored Zen Hemp Soft Chews for dogs. Make your pet’s health a priority and shop today!


We always use the finest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and lab test each and every batch, guaranteeing your satisfaction.


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I take the Radiant Citrus drops during the day and function normally with focus, they don’t make me drowsy at all. I have noticed I fall asleep much faster when I take them, and wake up refreshed.

Alisha - Customer
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I use the CBD salve on my knees each morning and it is a total game changer. Without the salve my knees are killing me halfway into my run. I’m 42 years old, so I’m noticing a lot more stiffness than I used too. The CBD salve really helps.

Taylor - Customer

We want to make sure you are 100% happy.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days for your money back

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